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About Revive

DPS Revive is an innovative and eco-conscious program designed to breathe new life into your old skis while helping you upgrade to the latest and greatest ski technology. With DPS Revive, we aim to reduce waste in the ski industry by refurbishing and reselling your old skis, giving them a second chance at the slopes and rewarding you with a credit towards the purchase of a brand-new pair of DPS skis.  

In a world increasingly conscious of the environment, where sustainability and responsible consumption matter more than ever, we are taking a step forward with DPS Revive. This program redefines the way we think about ski equipment. DPS Revive offers a unique opportunity for skiers to extend the life of their old skis, reduce their ecological footprint, and at the same time, treat themselves to the latest advancements in skiing technology. Discover a program that not only benefits your skiing adventures but also contributes to a greener future on and off the slopes. Welcome to DPS Revive, where the thrill of skiing meets a commitment to sustainability. 

How DPS Revive Works

Old Ski Collection
To participate in DPS Revive, customers submit their new, used or outgrown skis here


Skis Evaluation
Once received, our skilled technicians carefully inspect the condition of the old skis to determine if they are eligible for refurbishment. Skis that meet the criteria for refurbishment are accepted into the program. 


Refurbishment Process
Skis that qualify for refurbishment undergo a meticulous restoration process. This includes repairing and or resurfacing and base, edge, or top sheet damage along with applying PHANTOM Glide. 


Quality Assurance
Once refurbished, the skis go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet DPS' high-quality standards. Only skis that perform like new are made available for resale. 


Resale and Credit
The refurbished skis are then made available for purchase at a reduced price to environmentally conscious skiers looking for affordable options. When you trade-in a pair of refurbished skis, you'll also receive a credit towards the purchase of a new pair of DPS skis. 


New Ski Selection
With your credit in hand, you can explore the latest DPS ski models and choose the perfect pair to elevate your skiing experience. 

Benefits of DPS Revive

Environmental Impact
By refurbishing and reselling old skis, DPS Revive contributes to reducing the environmental footprint of the skiing industry by extending the life cycle of ski equipment. 

Cost Savings
Customers who participate in the program not only help the environment but also benefit from more affordable ski options through the purchase of refurbished skis and the credit towards new ones. 

Supporting Innovation
Your purchase of new DPS skis helps support ongoing innovation in ski technology, ensuring that you have access to the best equipment for your skiing adventures.