DPS Foundation 106 C2 Skis 2023 - 163cm – DPS Revive
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DPS Foundation 106 C2 Skis 2023 - 163cm

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The DPS Foundation 106 C2 Skis for 2023 are a versatile and high-performance option for skiers seeking an exceptional experience across varied terrain. These skis feature the innovative DPS Foundation construction, blending an Aspen wood core with carbon stringers for a harmonious balance of strength, stability, and responsiveness. The C2 shaping enhances versatility, providing a combination of a tapered tip and tail with camber underfoot, allowing for powerful turns and effortless maneuverability. Whether you're navigating groomed slopes, powder-filled bowls, or challenging backcountry terrain, the DPS Foundation 106 C2 Skis deliver a smooth and dynamic ride, making them an ideal choice for advanced skiers looking to explore the mountain with confidence and precision.
This UnNew DPS Foundation 106 C2 Skis 2023 - 163cm is in Excellent condition. 
Products in Excellent condition have seen minimal use and wear. Any imperfections are purely cosmetic and do not affect the intended performance of the product. 

These skis have been previously mounted one time for a Marker demo binding.  Mounting holes have been filled with pins.

All DPS Revive skis include a factory application of PHANTOM Glide. PHANTOM Glide is a permanent, high-performance base treatment for skis and snowboards that improves glide performance across a variety of snow conditions. The edges have been restored with a factory tune. 


  • Rocker / Camber / Rocker (C2 Profile) – 25 - 35% tip and tail rocker / 65% - 70% effective edge
  • C2 Shape – C2 designs provide more edge contact than DPS's other shaping pathways. Intentionally designed for race- inspired directional skiing, they have a more conventional shape that excels when making high-speed long radius turns.
  • Foundation Core – Aspen core with Unidirectional Carbon stringers
  • Laminates: Unidirectional Carbon Stringers
  • Sidewalls: Urethane Sidewalls
  • Base: World Cup Race Base
  • Edges: Waelzholz Edges – The Daimler-Benz of ski edge suppliers. Hardness: Rockwell 48c
  • Textured Polyamide Topsheet
  • Partial twin 
  • Tip/Waist/Tail: 135/106/119
  • Turning radius: 19m
  • All-Mountain, Big-Mountain
  • Intermediate to advanced ability level
  • Previous mounting from top holes to bottom holes measures: 414mm
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